Technorati is one of the most Important Site you have to make sure you Blog is in..

If you reaaly want it to be in the Blogsphere, you have to claim your Blog, that is telling Technoratie this is really your Blog, you can do this by inserting some code in a Blog post, such as this one..

Technorati Profile


If you have a small or even a One-Man-Business (could be a One-Women-Business as well..) you will probably NOT want to spend a lot af money on Design, Building and Maintaining a Business website.

You know, you don’t need to….  You can have your own little space on the Internet for Free!

But why would you want it, or even need it?
Because most people now start an Internet search for a product or service before the go out to Buy or Get it!
So you better be found, before your competitor takes your clients… now that’s not nice, is it?
You better take his customers…!

The Free Internet Presence Possibilities

I will show some possible Free resources that you can take advantage off to Build you own Website or Blog.
There will be more in depth articles on each of these services.


One of my favorites is, that where this Blog is located, for free.
You just go to the site and sign up, and your are Blogging in minutes.

Tip: Thinks of a Nice user (sitename) before signing up, because your first Blog is called and make sure its short and clear enough.. like


A Blogger Blog can be created if you have a Gmail account, which you can now get for free without invitation at
Once you have that, go to, login and choose a site name that will show up like

Sometimes the name you would want to use is already gone, then try to come up with something close enough like:

Google pages

This is an other free service by Google, but more focused on creating a website instead of a Blog.
Pages can be a better way of organizing your content than chronological like on Blogger.

There ar some nice templates to choose from so you can stat your pages right away.
Here you will find the same options to start with, you Gmail login name is what comes in front of the site name, like

Tip: Once you have setup your First Googlepage, go into the Site-manager, and choose “Settings” on the left panel and then check the box that says “Enable experimental features” and confirm that you want to use it..
Now you can create a new website with the sitename you want (if available) like this one


At you also can create a website, but this will be found as
For example 

Best part of this service is that the templates and features of the site are easy to work with, you don’t have to learn much to make a nice looking website.

Lesser part is that the Top of your page is used for advertising, like Google adsense, just to keep the service free.
The Ads Blend in nicely with the template, so you should not find them very interruptive.

Yahoo Sitebuilder

Yahoo also has a similar free program as Google, login with your Yahoo account and activate your Free Sitebuilder and you can start building your pages, or Blog.

Here the user name is also incorporated into the sitename.

My Opera

A Free service from the Opera webbrowser company, very nice and fast to work with.
Here again the username is used for the URL like

There are many more services out there, but these are the ones I like the most, that also can give you nice results it the Search Engines.